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DA restricts future testimony from four Pittsburgh cops involved in bar brawl

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s office will not accept testimony from the four Pittsburgh police detectives who last year brawled while undercover with members of the Pagans motorcycle club without corroboration from other officers.

The district attorney’s office learned July 31 that Detectives David Honick, Brian Burgunder, David Lincoln and Brian Martin — who had been on paid leave — were reinstated and reassigned from narcotics to the violent crime unit, according to a letter obtained Thursday by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Judge’s ruling could toss out key evidence in biker gang case

(pics) --- PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – In what could be a major blow to a criminal case that targeted two motorcycle gangs, a judge ruled a mass of wiretapped phone conversations should be tossed from trial, the Target 12 Investigators have learned.

The decision came after defense attorneys successfully argued the wrong judge signed off on an extension of the order to authorize wiretaps in the case.

On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Netti Vogel ruled in favor of the defense, saying the wiretap extension was improperly signed off on and the evidence at the center of the case for many of the defendants could not be used at trial.

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Tenth suspect arrested in brutal Pagan assault in Charleroi

CHARLEROI – A 10th suspect has been arrested in a brutal assault by alleged members of the Pagan Motorcycle Club at a Charleroi social club in April.

Online court records indicate the suspect who solicited the assault, Brian A. Keruskin, 57, of Charleroi, was arrested Tuesday afternoon and sent to Washington County jail without bond.

Testimony at a preliminary hearing that morning for six other suspects in the case showed that Keruskin talked on the phone after the assault at the Slovak Club with the man who let the group of Pagans into the bar at 700 McKean Ave.

“I told him it was really bad,” Zachary Yagnich, 26, a club officer testified about his conversation with Keruskin.

“I was scared,” he said.

Prosecutors have not revealed a motive in the April 18 assault of Troy Harris, who had left the Pagans to join a rival group known as Sutars Soldiers.

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6 motorcycle club members charged with attempted homicide in violent attack at bar

CHARLEROI, Pa. - Six members of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club are charged with attempted homicide after allegedly attacking a former member inside a bar in Charleroi, authorities said.

Surveillance video of the attack, which happened in April inside the Slovak Club, was shown in court Tuesday as the six men faced a judge.

The video shows the victim and his wife sitting at the bar. When the men walked in, the victim can be seen reaching out to shake hands before being punched, kicked and stomped on.

The attack lasted less than a minute, police said.

The victim, a former local chapter president of the Pagans who is now with another motorcycle club, was flown to a hospital. He continues to recover.

Defense attorneys for the suspects argued Tuesday that the video does not capture what is happening on the ground.

The victim’s wife testified she crawled between the suspects’ kicking legs in an attempt to get to her husband.

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Police: Suspected members of the Pagans motorcycle gang threatened to harm Franklin County man

FRANKLIN COUNTY — Four suspected members of the Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Gang were arrested Sunday after they allegedly threatened to injure a Franklin County man at a convenience store — then later showed up at the man’s house while police were talking to him about the incident, according to State Police.

The unidentified victim told police the suspects threatened him with “bodily harm” during a confrontation at a Rutter’s store on the 4400 block of Lincoln Way West in St. Thomas Township at about 3:28 p.m., according to a criminal complaint affidavit filed by State Police.

The men threatened the victim and his family inside and outside the store, the victim reported to police. Fearing for his safety, the victim told police he left the store and went home to contact authorities about the incident.

The victim told police he knew the men were members of the Pagans, the complaint says.

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Pittsburgh police detectives in Kopy's Bar brawl with Pagans keep jobs, but will be reassigned

(video) --- Four Pittsburgh police detectives who brawled with members of the Pagans motorcycle club on the South Side in October will remain on the police force, the city announced Tuesday.

Detectives David Honick, Brian Burgunder, David Lincoln and Brian Martin will, however, be reassigned to new positions within the bureau.

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4th motorcycle club member files lawsuit over fight with police officers

PITTSBURGH - A new lawsuit has been filed in the bar brawl between motorcycle club members and undercover Pittsburgh police officers.

This is the fourth lawsuit filed by a member of the Pagans motorcycle club stemming from that October fight at Kopy’s Bar on the South Side.

The Pagans claim the officers had been drinking all night and taunting them. They also say the officers started the brawl. 

Criminal charges against the four Pagans were dismissed, and the officers have been on paid suspension since the fight.

In this newest lawsuit, Bruce Thomas claims the officers used excessive force and he's accusing them of malicious prosecution and false arrest. 

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3rd member of motorcycle club files lawsuit after South Side bar brawl

PITTSBURGH - A third member of the Pagans motorcycle club has filed a lawsuit against the City of Pittsburgh after an altercation with undercover police officers in a bar.

The fight took place in the early morning hours of Friday, Oct. 12 at Kopys bar in the South Side.

Initially, several members of the motorcycle club were charged, but those charges have since been dropped.


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Police: ‘Pagan’ harassment suspect says someone stuck gun in his mouth

WILKES-BARRE — A Wayne County man who claims to be a member of a motorcycle gang told city police someone placed the barrel of a shotgun inside his mouth on Monday.

Police arrested Robert E. Fulmer, 51, of Hawley, on charges he forced his way inside a residence on North Fulton Street and threatened several people saying, “I’m a (expletive) pagan I will kill you and everyone in that house,” according to court records.

During the chaos, Fulmer claimed he was attacked and a shotgun placed in his mouth.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police responded to 105 N. Fulton St. for a report several people had a man on the floor with guns aimed at his head at about 11 a.m. When officers arrived, Fulmer was detained when he was found sitting in a vehicle.

Tiffany Ankadovich told police Fulmer forced himself inside her residence looking for Alyssa Smith.

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City money used to pay for officers' drinks before brawl at South Side bar

(video) --- PITTSBURGH - A night of binge drinking by four undercover Pittsburgh police detectives that ended with a brawl on the South Side was paid for with city money, Target 11 has confirmed.

The owner of Kopy's Bar told Channel 11 that the officers had been drinking for several hours before several members of the Pagans motorcycle club walked in just before midnight.

About an hour later, words were exchanged between the two groups and a fight broke out.

All four officers involved have been reassigned, and the charges that were initially brought against the Pagans have been dropped.