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Disruption warning and police leave cancelled as 3,000 Hells Angels bikers expected in Surrey

They will be attending the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club ‘Euro Run’ at an East Surrey hotel

Up to 3,000 Hells Angels bikers are expected in East Surrey for a three-day event culminating in a 700 motorcycle ride out to Brighton.

The ride out, which is the culmination of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club's (HAMC) ‘Euro Run’, is expected to cause major disruption in East Surrey and Sussex on Saturday June 1 while police have also warned motorists to expect a large number of bikers in the area for the duration of the event.

It is the first time the three-day event, between May 30 and June 1, has been held in the UK and is being done so to mark the 50th anniversary of the HAMC in the country.

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Hell's Angel murderer Dean Taylor dies in East Yorkshire prison

Prison officers at HMP Full Sutton described Taylor, 56, as a 'model prisoner'

A former motorcycle gang member who was convicted of murdering a Hell’s Angel has died in an East Yorkshire prison.

Dean Taylor, 56, was one of seven members of the notorious Outlaws motorcycle club sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 35-year-old Gerry Tobin.

The Coventry-born man was part of the Outlaws' South Warwickshire chapter when he helped conduct the "cold-blooded"murder of Hell’s Angel member Mr Tobin in August 2007.

Mr Tobin had been riding his Harley Davidson on the M40 after leaving the Hell’s Angel Bulldog Bash festival in Warwickshire when two shots were fired towards him, the Coventry Telegraph reported at the time.

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Blue Angels threatened Mongrel Mob member in Leeds biker club feud


Four members of a motorcycle club threatened a man from a rival bikers’ group at his home in Leeds as part of an ongoing dispute.

The men from the Blue Angels Motorcycle Club were arrested over the incident outside a property which is home to a member of the ‘Mongrel Mob’ club..




Leeds Crown Court heard the defendants were wearing “motorcycle club attire” when they turned up at the house and began “shouting and bawling” and making threats.

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Hells Angels biker cleared of Hastings assault

A Hells Angels biker has been acquitted of partially blinding another man in an attack after a jury in his second trial also failed to reach a verdict.

Matthew Barnes, 48, denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent in the attack outside a Hastings pub in February 2016.

A formal not guilty verdict was entered by the court after the prosecution said it would not seek a re-trial.

A jury had also been dismissed following a trial in August last year.

Mr Barnes, the president of the Sussex chapter of the Hells Angels, was accused of partially blinding Christopher Harrison after he refused to join the club.

Oliver Wilkinson, 50, of St Leonards-on-Sea was acquitted of the same charge following the first trial.

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Watch 100 bikers take over Bristol streets in memory of club founder

(video) --- Hundreds of bikers turned out at the funeral of Jim Malin, 70, who was one of the founding members of Hartcliffe Motorcycle Club

More than a hundred bikers took to the streets of Bristol recently to celebrate the life of a well-known motorcycle enthusiast.

Dozens of motorcycles paraded through South Bristol on Thursday October 24 to accompany the funeral procession of 70-year-old Jim Malin from Stockwood, well known in the community as one of the founding members of Hartcliffe Motorcycle Club.

Footage from the arrival at South Bristol Crematorium shows the crowd of bikes following closely behind the sidecar hearse, after travelling in the motorcade from Keynsham to Bedminster Down.

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Sussex Hells Angel accused calls mob claim 'absurd'

A Hell's Angels leader accused of attacking a biker outside a pub told a court he "wasn't put on this planet to scare people".

Prosecutor Nicolas Cooper told the Old Bailey Matthew Barnes, 48, had led a "mob" to confront Christopher Harrison.

But Mr Barnes denied intimidating anyone and said Mr Cooper's suggestion was "absurd".

Mr Barnes, from Hastings, and Oliver Wilkinson, of St Leonards, deny causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

They are both accused of attacking Mr Harrison outside The Carlisle pub in Hastings in February 2016, causing him serious eye injuries.

Mr Harrison has alleged former Sussex chapter president Mr Barnes head-butted him and Mr Wilkinson, 50, of Duke Road, St Leonards, punched him.

Image caption Christopher Harrison was attacked outside The Carlisle pub in Hastings two years ago

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Hells Angels man 'threatened bartender after attack'

A Hells Angels biker attacked a man outside a pub and then told a bartender her children would be next if she told police, the Old Bailey heard.

Jurors have heard Christopher Harrison's eyeballs were ruptured in the attack in February 2016.

Matthew Barnes, of Hastings, and Oliver Wilkinson, of St Leonards, both deny grievous bodily harm with intent.

Anne Penfold, bartender at the Carlisle pub in Hastings, said Mr Wilkinson threatened her.

Jurors have heard Mr Barnes was the president of the Sussex Hells Angels motorcycle club and Mr Wilkinson was part of the club's "support crew".

The court has been told Mr Harrison was targeted because he did not want to join the club.

'Barely breathing'

Miss Penfold said when she found Mr Harrison "his body was curled in a foetal position".

She said: "He was unconscious, breathing, although barely. He eyes were so very badly bruised."

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Eyeballs ruptured in 'ferocious Hells Angels attack'

Two Hells Angels bikers launched an attack on a man that was so "ferocious" his eyeballs ruptured, a court heard.

Matthew Barnes, 47, of Victoria Avenue, Hastings, and Oliver Wilkinson, 49, of Duke Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, deny grievous bodily harm with intent.

The Old Bailey was told that Christopher Harrison was blinded in the attack outside The Carlisle pub on Hastings seafront in February 2016.

He was targeted because he did not want to join the bikers' club, jurors heard.

Opening the case, prosecutor Nicholas Cooper said Mr Barnes was the president of the Sussex Hells Angels motorcycle club and Mr Wilkinson was part of the club's "support crew".

They had gathered at The Carlisle pub with other members and associates, where a band was playing.

Mr Harrison was also present and although a biker was not a member of the Hells Angels, the court was told.

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North East Hell's angels bikers to stage welcome for Tall Ships

Around 250 of the North East's Hell's angels bikers are staged their own special welcome for the Tall Ships Races 2018.

They'll form a guard of honour for the incoming Ships.

Their Club House, Angels Place - one of the oldest buildings in Sunderland - is at the edge of the river and was used to house and rehabilitate injured sailors.

Making it an important piece of naval heritage.

Hells Angels carefully guard a full, battle log detailing the chronological events of the naval battle, noting each ship's fate  and the notification of Admiral Nelson's death in battle.

Tall Ships sail

 Alasdair Bailey, accountant and chairman of the Coalition Motor Cycle Club 2012 said :

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Hells Angels descend on Sunderland

(photo gallery)---LEATHER-clad bikers roared into Sunderland on Saturday morning to welcome tall ships to the town ahead of a major international sailing event.

On July 11 a magnificent fleet of sailing vessels will arrive at the North-East coast for the UK’s largest, free, family festival; the Tall Ships Races Sunderland 2018.

And with just three months to go, around 250 of the North East of England’s motorcycle fraternity staged their own special welcome this weekend.

The North East Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs, hosted by the Hells Angels MC Tyne & Wear formed a guard of honour for the incoming Tall Ships with leather and chrome.

The Hells Angels have a strong link to naval heritage as their Sunderland Club Hose, Angels Place, was used to house and rehabilitate injured sailors from the epic Battle of Trafalgar.